The Throne of God

There is nothing we could ever imagine as beautiful and breathtaking as the Throne of God, our Heavenly Father and Creator! In Revelation chapter four God shows John a vision of this scene, and John describes it for us! Can you imagine what it is going to be like to see that? As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13, we perceive this dimly now, but one day we are going to see this scene in all its brilliance!

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A Pillar in the Temple of My God

Revelation chapter three closes with the final two churches of the seven that Christ gave specific messages. As we look at the last two churches, they stand in stark contrast to each other. The Philadelphians are the faithful, while the Laodicean church is described as lukewarm. This will be characteristic of the end times. There will be many of both of these types of churches. We already can see many of both of these types in America. May we be faithful! Those with conquering faith will be granted the opportunity to be with God forever!

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White Garments and Our Names in the Book of Life

The fifth church that Jesus gave a message to was the church at Sardis. Jesus accused this church of looking alive, but actually being dead. What does it mean to be spiritually dead? If a church is dead, what are the signs? We never want to be the church that fools ourselves and others into thinking that we are lively when we are not. Jesus is never fooled, because He is the one “who searches mind and heart” (Rev. 2:23). But God had a remnant in Sardis! It was small, but Jesus indicated it was enough to strengthen the entire church. There is always hope in Christ! Even for a church that was pronounced dead!

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